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Wendaful Scrapbooks & Quilts


A Wendaful Guide to Quickutz- Collection Tracker

A definitive listing of all things Quicktz.  It is a comprehensive list of EVERY product that Quickutz has EVER produced. Including: Alphabets, 2x2 dies, 4x4 dies, gift sets, border dies, Goosebumps, accessories(storage binders, vinly colors, Quickstik, magpie tins, ets.), Quickutz machines(Revolution, Squeease Handtool, Epic, silhouette), and CUSTOM dies.  The small format lets you carry it with you easily to be able to keep track of what you have and what you still want.  Researched for over a year with the cooperation of the Quickutz Company, this edition is current through the end of September 2009.  The book is organized using the Quickutz company die numbering system, with the exception of retired 2x2 alphabets. Every die in your collection will have a nuber on the tab.  This book and those numbers is all you need to inventory your collection. There is also an Update that takes you though the end of the Quickutz company releases before they became Lifestyle Crafts.

Separated into 4 Sections: Quickutz Alphabets, Quickutz Shapes, Quickutz Accessories, and Quickutz Gift Sets & Custome Dies.

Every entry in the book has: image of the die, item number, description or name, and 3 columns to enter (check mark) Have It, Friend Has It, and Retired.  Keep track of your collection and also keep track of what your friends have by putting their initials in the "Friend Has It" column.  This is the ONLY comprehensive list ever created for Quickutz products.  The inclusion of Custom dies (sold only through individual stores-many only online) is truly unique.

This tracker guide not only inventories your collection, but shows you what is available.  For instance: you are making a Christmas card 1. look through the book to see what Quickutz may have in Christmas dies.  2. Check to see what you have.  3.  See if your friend has it or put it on your wish list.  You don't need to search through all your dies.  Look through the book and see if you have it!!  

The Exclusive Custom die section is great!  Do you love collecting custom dies but don't know what is available?  Check the book! 

The Book is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" with a vinyl coated cover.  144 color pages in a 3 ring binder format.  Space has been left at the end of each section for writing in.

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