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It’s a Baby! Well 2 Babies!

On this farm you never know what you are going to wake up to. This year so far we have had a surprise baby alpaca and baby goats(not surprise). Especially after a hard rain, I always hold my breath when I go out to feed in the morning. After years of training I am still a nervous mama, and I worry about my “babies” on a night like we had last night. But after being here for over 4 years now we have finally gotten things set up that everyone is safe and dry and I don’t have to worry as much. You still never know what you are going to find. I have one of last years babies that always make a lot of noise especially if you are late for a meal. Well this morning she was out in the field making a lot of racket even for her, so you count sheep. 1..2..3… 4.,5,6,7,8…9 wait where is 9. On to the barn to look for number nine. And there is the barn I see Clover, just standing in the barn. Since Sunday March 29th we have been on baby watch, so I look to see if there are any extra legs, no.. so I ask here what she is doing by herself in the barn. Just then out from another stall comes on little white baby, and then another little black baby sheep. Good Job, Mama!! into a pen with you and the babies to get warmed up and get a little more at home with your babies. Some mama’s don’t like this but others love the extra attention and the extra food all to themselves. This mama is ok with being in a pen with her babies and she doesn’t even mind if I see the babies as long as she can see them too. Clover is BaBa’s mama from last year that is why she was hollering at me. She was saying “Hey, come see my mama. I am not the baby anymore”. Clover is a 3rd time mama and she is a real pro. Good mama. Today, we wake up to something really good after the storm.

Our First Lambs of the Season.

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One comment on “It’s a Baby! Well 2 Babies!

  1. Betsy Eads on said:

    Congrats to the new mamma of twins! So cute.
    Well at least you have some fun but hard work to do.