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Alpaca Shearing Day

Alpaca’s are normally really cute critters.  I love watching them run/gallop around especially the babies.  Being from the camelid family they do have a bit of a camel gait to them when they walk.  This week was shearing for the alpacas and after they get sheared they are not so cute.  They really look like they belong on a Star Wars movie.

Our shearing day started our really early with loading the alpacas in the trailer at about 7am.  Boys first and then the girls in the back, only we thought that the back of the trailer was smaller than the front of the trailer.  So after we got all 4 of the boys in the trailer we found out that the front of the trailer was actually bigger than the back, so out come the boys, we tied them to the side of the trailer and then down to the barn again to get the girls.  All the girls got into the trailer, we closed the separator wall then then boys back in the trailer.  The baby was to ride in the back seat of the truck with me.  So while we got the last minute things we need for the trip to Hillsboro one of us had to hold the baby.  Now we are all loaded up and ready for the 1 1/2 hour trip to Hillsboro.

Well, we got there all safe and sound.  Baby mocha, slept on my lap most of the time and was a very good baby.  I didn’t hate that!  Shearing for alpaca is kind of done on an assembly line two at a time.  One being sheared and the other getting ready to be sheared.  While they are having their coats removed they are also getting their teeth trimmed(if needed), toenails clipped, yearly shots, weights, and a good once over to see they they are healthy (much easier to see after they loose all that fur).  All of my herd is doing really well except one that needs a little TLC, she will be alright, just need some attention.  We got everyone sheared, even the baby, and loaded everyone back up, girls in the front boys in the back and headed home.  We got back about 2pm and then I need to give them a little more bug preventative before I got them off the trailer.  By the time I got them done, and everyone back where they belong it was 3pm and I was starting to get a little tired.  Feeding starts at 4pm,  But I sure am glad that all the alpacas and the sheep are all sheared for this year.  Now onto baby sheep for next week…..

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One comment on “Alpaca Shearing Day

  1. Betsy Eads on said:

    Loved the update on these interesting alpacas and pictures to boot!
    I would have never guessed they would have all fit in the trailer.
    How would one trim their teeth? Maybe I don’t want to know.
    Thanks for giving me something to think about besides the obvious.